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Pangkor Island Hotel Reservation Pangkor Island Hotel Reservation

Pangkor Island Hotel Reservation Pangkor Island Hotel Reservation

Pangkor Island Hotel Reservation Pangkor Island Hotel Reservation

Pangkor Island Attractions

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Pangkor Laut Resort Rooms


There are many exotic beaches at Pangkor Island. Among the Pangkor Beaches, Nipah Bay is mostly loved by all and is also the most visited beach among the nature lovers. This popular and well-known Pangkor beach is located not far away from the north Pasir Bogak Beach..

Pantai Pasir Bogak (Pasir Bogak Beach)

pangkor beachLocated at just few kilometers away from Pangkor Town on the West side of the island, Pantai Pasir Bogak  is probably the most famous Pangkor beach (perhaps because it is too close to Pangkor Town) which is popularly known by locals as well as visitors.

Pasir Bogak Beach has been described as 'the biggest swimming pool in the world'. The water of this beach is shallow and crystal clear. Water-sport-facilities such as jet-skiing, snorkeling or canoeing could be arranged at Pantai Pasir Bogak,

All along this stunning beach are open-air food-stalls providing local specialties such as satay, barbecued squids, and fish crisps. Hotels and resorts are easily available, ranging from luxury Pangkor hotels, chalets to the more Spartan comforts of camping sites or 'attap' huts.

Guest might noted that there are various kind of sea corals or even the sea cucumber at the beach or in the sea. Besides, there is also a multitude of bird species.Hombill bird is one of the main attractions among the birds. Pasir Bogak Beach is further divided into 2 sub beaches – the Coral beach and the Teluk beach.Fishing Is one of the main occupation among the population at the Pangkor Islands. In addition to water sports and snorkeling, there are many fishes to see and delight on around shallow waters. Visitor could arrange a boat with local fishermen for a day and catch some fish. The cost is about RM 70-90 for an offshore fishing trip.

Nipah Bay Beach is another famous beach at Pangkor Island which offers a stunning view on two small islands named Pulau Mentagor and Pulau Giam. Although visitors might find locals who willing to bring you there, both of these islands are not inhabited. It is said that when the tide is out you can even walk to Giam Island. Giam is a suitable place for snorkeling activities as the water is shallow. There is not much corals but there is plenty of fish to see. oth of these island have beaches too. Kayaks are available for rent.

Other attractions are such as Tortise Bay, Teluk Batik, Teluk Baharu Beach and Coral Beach. There are hotels and resorts in the middle and lower-ranged budgets around these beaches.Typical souvenir shops are also available. For good accommodation, check:The Island Hotel at Teluk Baharu Beach, Marina Cove Resort at Teluk Batik, Uptown Beach Resort Pangkor at Pasir Giam Beach and Pangkor Puteri Resort at Coral Beach.

Foo Lin Kong Temple

Foo Lin Kong TempleThe Foo Lin Kong Temple is a fairly new Taoist Chinese temple in Pangkor Island,Malaysia. Many Chinese tourists like to visit and pray in this temple which was build in the village of Sungai Pinang Besar, at the foot of Pangkor Hill. Foreign tourist also love to visit this temple as Fu Lin Kong is one of the popular temple in Pangkor Island and its exquisite environment to take photo. There is a nice garden partly build on the hillside of the Fu Lin Kong temple. There is a miniature Chang Cheng (Great Wall) of China to admire. Guest will also see the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac on the roof. In addition, there are also various Buddhist statues inside the Fu Lin Kong temple and many alcoves and ponds around. Guests could make their wish in this temple because most of people believe the wish will come true. There are plenty of different fish and turtles in the ponds around the temple.


Dutch Fort (Kota Belanda)

Dutch Fort Pangkor IslandThere is the old but small Dutch Fort located at Kampong Teluk Gedung, which is the southern part of Pangkor Town. This Dutch Fort was build in 1670 and used for storing and protection of tin supplies from the sultanate of Perak. This Fort was build by the Dutch as a stronghold to protect against local Malays and pirates.

Today only some of the foundations of the Dutch Fort are left. The fort was build at a short distance from the ocean and consists of 3 brick walls with round windows at regular intervals. A small park and some souvenir stores have been set up around the area for visitors. This is also one of the famous tourist sight on the island today.

Tiger Rock Hotel is one of the popular Pangkor Hotel located just behind the Dutch Fort. There is another tourist attraction- the Batu Bersurat or Tiger Rock which is located at a bit further on the road.

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